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Paul E. Lewis

Assistant Director

Outreach & Community Affairs of the West Virginia Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station


Division of Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design
4111 Agricultural Science Bldg.
West Virginia University
P.O. Box 6108
Morgantown, WV 26506-6108
(304) 293-1901


PhD, Reproductive Physiology, West Virginia University, 1970-1973
MS, Reproductive Physiology, West Virginia University, 1966-1968
BS, Agriculture, Berea College, 1961-1973

Working and Teaching Experience

Professor- West Virginia University 1985-present
Director Division of Animal & Veterinary Sciences 1988-1993 and 2001-Present
Associate Professor- West Virginia University 1980-1985
Assistant Professor- West Virginia University (Allegheny Highlands Project) 1978-1980
Assistant Professor- Lincoln University of Missouri 1973-1978

Annual Teaching

A&VS 105 Orientation
A&VS 494 Career development (seminar) (1 credit hour)
ANPH 424 Reproductive physiology (3 credit hours)
ANPR 344 Light Horse Science (3 credit hours)
Research Interests Reproductive management in cattle and sheep

Representative Publications

Knights, M., Q. S. Baptiste, A. B. Dixon, J. L. Pate D. J. Marsh, E. K. Inskeep, and P. E. Lewis. 2003. Effects of Dosage of FSH, Vehicle and Time of Treatment on Ovulation Rate and Prolificacy in Ewes During the Anestrous Season. Small Ruminants Res. 50:1-9.

Sen, A., J. Browning, E. K. Inskeep, P. Lewis and J. A. Flores. 2004. Expression and activation of protein kinase C isozymes by prostaglandin F2alpha in the early- and mid-luteal phase bovine corpus luteum. Biol. Reprod. 70:379-384.

Dixon, A. B., M. Knights, J. L. Pate, P. E. Lewis and E. K. Inskeep. 2006. Reproductive performance of ewes after 5-day treatment with intravaginal inserts containing progesterone in combination with injection of prostaglandin Fα. Reprod. Dom. Anim. 41, 142-148.