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Jorge A. Flores


Department of Biology
PO Box 6057
Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
West Virginia University
(304) 293-5201×31535 / 536


Post Doctoral, Colorado State University, 1986-8
University of Virginia,1988-9
PhD, Zoology, The George Washington, 1986
MS, The New York University, 1981
BS, University of El Salvador, 1977

Research and Professional Interests

One goal of our research program is to elucidate the role that endothelin-1 (ET-1) plays in luteal physiology. We are also examining the possibility that differential expression of protein kinase C (PKCe) might be part of the mechanism responsible for the insensitivity of the early corpus luteum (CL) to the luteolytic actions of PGF2a.


Biology 441 Vertebrate Microanatomy
Biology 715 Extracellular Matrix
Biology 341 Cell Physiology

Awards and Recognition

Benedum Distinguished Scholar Award. The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
 and Coordinated by The WVU Office of Academic Affairs and Research. 2007
The Eberly College outstanding Teacher Award. The Eberly College of Arts and
 Sciences, WVU. 2005
Award for Outstanding Teaching. The WVU Foundation. 2005

Representative Publications

Goravanahally MP, Salem M, Yao J, Inskeep EK, and  Flores JA. 2009. Differential Gene Expression in the Bovine Corpus Luteum During Transition from Early Phase to Midphase and its Potential Role in Acquisition of Luteolytic Sensitivity to Prostaglandin F2 Alpha. Biol Reprod 80: 980-988.

Doerr MD, Goravanahally MP, Rhinehart JD, Inskeep EK,  Flores JA. 2008. Effects of Endothelin Receptor Type-A Antagonist on Prostaglandin F2alpha-Induced Luteolysis of the Sheep Corpus Luteum. Biol Reprod, 78: 688-696. Published online before print 12 December 2007. doi:10.1095/biolreprod.107.064105. 

Rhinehart, JD, Starbuck-Clemmer MJ,  Flores JA, Milvae, RA, Yao, J, Poole DH, Inskeep EK. 2008. Low peripheral progesterone and late embryonic/early fetal loss in suckled beef and lactating cows. Theriogenology 71: 480-490.

Goravanahally MP, SenA, Inskeep EK,  Flores JA 2007. PKCepsilon and an increase in intracellular calcium concentration are necessary for PGF2alpha to inhibit LH-stimulated progesterone secretion in cultured bovine steroidogenic cells. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 5: 37 (30 August 2007).

Costine BA, E. Keith Inskeep, Blemings KP,  Flores JA and Wilson ME. 2007. Mechanisms of reduced luteal sensitivity to prostaglandin F2alpha during maternal recognition of pregnancy in ewes. Domest Anim Endocrinol. 32: 106-121.